The Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

Hi!  I’m  back.  I had some shit happen that took my attention away for awhile and left me with only the energy for the very basic things like stuffing my face and sleeping.  It gave me time to think about the blog.  I know this thing started out as a sex blog, but I realized I am not the type of person who can compartmentalize like that.  There were things I wanted to blog about but they didn’t really fit in with the theme so I didn’t.

So, I am making a change.  While there will still be sex on here, plenty of it, I’m gonna start talking about other life things too.  As another sex blogger who has since retired said, I’m a real person, so sex is not the whole of my life.

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  1. thecountessshadow says:

    I really like this post the most in your blog ( though I enjoyed many other things). It is the same as my own blog and I am so glad to find there are others who do the same. When we started blogging (myself and my partner), it was very exciting for me to let out my sexual feelings and fantasies. I felt I have been imprisoned my whole life in a cell of shame and finally I got to be free, so it started as a sexual blog, then I found myself inclined to write about many other things I wanted to share, as if letting out my repressed sexuality helped other parts inside me to flourish and come out, and I started expressing many of my other interests ( with sex included as well). At first I thought that would seem weird to the blog visitors but I did not care and started writing about anything I felt like writing about. I really like that retired sex blogger quote, I am a real person so sex is just a part of my life, very well said!

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