Coitus Interruptus

When I was 18, I had started taking college classes in the next town over from where I lived.  I was in a pretty serious relationship as well.  During my second semester, he had started taking classes as well.  We had a three hour gap between our afternoon class (we were both in it) and the rest of our classes.  That was also the year I had lost a lot of weight and none of my clothes fit me, so I bought new ones.  One of the outfits I bought was a knee length denim skirt, a green ribbed tank top, and some wedge sandals.  I also bought a Wonderbra.

So, one day, I put on this outfit and the Wonderbra and went to class.  I was completely oblivious until halfway through my biology class I noticed my teacher staring at my chest.  That’s when I noticed the nasty looks from other women in my class.  Or maybe it was my imagination.  After class, my boyfriend came and found me.  I told him what happened.  He was so quick to tell me that the other women were jealous of me and that I looked hot.  He kept sneaking gropes of my ass when nobody was looking.

Between his reassurances that I looked hot and him refusing to keep his hands off of me, my confidence grew and I started getting horny.  I talked him into blowing off the rest of his morning classes and taking a walk with me.  We found ourselves on a sidewalk outside of a large cemetery.  Back then, I had a fascination with cemeteries.  I still like walking in them.  I find them peaceful.  Anyway.

We went in, a walked around for a bit.  It was a beautiful cemetery.  It had lots of trees, and I could tell it was old.  There was ivy growing on the wrought iron fence, giving the place an air of privacy.  In the far corner we found a small building facing the fence.  It looked to be the maintenance shed.

I spread my jacket down on the ground in front of this shed and sat down.  My boyfriend sat down next to me and started kissing me.  I broke the kiss long enough to whip off my tank top.  Then I took off the bra that made my tits look so awesome.  The intensity between the kissing and being semi-naked and the possibility of getting caught this way soaked my panties.  I laid back on the ground, and slid my thong to the side.  My whole body melted into the grass when his fingers slowly slid inside of me.  He positioned himself on top of me, licking my nipples, his fingers sliding rhythmically in and out of my soaking wet pussy.  I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled his face close to mine, kissing him, as if I were trying to devour his face.

“I want you to fuck me,” I whispered.  I heard his zipper.  My body quivered with anticipation.  I moaned as he thrust his cock inside me.  We had just got down to business when I heard a stick break not too far from where we were and I shoved him off of me, scrambling to put my shirt on while he was redressing himself.  I was convinced someone saw us and the cops were going to get called and we were going to get hauled into jail.  I yanked my my jacked up and put it on, then shoved my bra into my bag.  This was the fasted I’d ever gotten dressed before.  I got up and started walking away from the shed as fast as I could.  He followed a few seconds later.

As I was walking back to the entrance, I noticed something very strange: we were the only people there.

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  1. TuckFoy says:

    Quite a hot little story! The fact that we get turned on by through of getting caught, but then completely shut down when facing reality is just another way the human brain and body seem to miscommunicate. I’m quite positive my body betrays my brain on atleast a daily basis. I have a whorish body and a sensible brain, yet the body’s desires quite often win out.

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