What to Do to Keep From Freezing to Death

feet-224680_640 I crawled into bed last night hoping to go to straight to sleep. Nope. The minute I laid down, his hands started roaming. I know this move well. When he is half asleep and relaxed he gets horny. When he gets horny, his hands wander up and down my body. Most days this is fine with me, but on days when I’m an icicle and possibly have hypothermia, it is not.

He leaned over me and sleepily kissed me. I felt him stroking my hair. I thought that would be it and he would go back to sleep like he usually does but I guess that is what I get for doing my own thinking.

He started tugging on the waistband of my sweatpants. Yeah, I know, my night wear is sooooo sexy. I turned over on my side to face him, and he pulled me closer. He kissed me again, rough and desperate to possess me. He ran his hand down my body, pausing to knead my ass. He nipped at my chin and down my neck. I unzipped the hoodie I was wearing and pulled it off, naked from the waist up. His lips clamped onto my nipple. It wasn’t long before desire overrode my need for sleep.

I took off my sweatpants and my panties, completely bare to him. I felt his fingers close around my throat. He knew I liked being choked and he did it every time he was feeling “evil”. His face was so close to mine I could feel his breath on my cheek. “You’ve been a bad girl today, haven’t you?” he growled in my ear. I nodded.

Wham! His hand came down hard on my left nipple, my flesh stinging. I quickly squeaked out a “Yes, sir”. I laid there in the dark, shivering slightly. No matter how high I cranked the heater, it still couldn’t ward off the slight chill that had gotten into my bones.

He positioned himself between my legs and thrust himself into me. I felt the heat course through me, chasing away the cold. Our hips moved together in rhythm, faster and faster. Before long, we had whipped ourselves into a frenzy. I flipped him on his back and rode him until he came.

At least I wasn’t cold anymore.

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