Oh, Lord Almighty

So, I was looking at Fetlife and I came across a group called “Ask a Catholic Priest Questions”.  Being the nosy little bint that I am, I checked out the profile of the group owner.  If this is a troll, it’s a very good one.  The profile said

I am ——-. A Roman Catholic Priest and a BDSM “enthusiast” (though being a slave is much more of a calling than it is a hobby).

My owner and I have written a book that tells our story and I am here to give what I can to those who feel the need to talk and ask questions.

This is just really icky to me.  I am not Catholic or anything, but priests take a vow of celibacy.  Any carnal proclivity on the part of the priest is strictly forbidden in the Catholic church.  The fact that this dude, if it is  not a troll or sock profile, thinks BDSM is a calling from God really squicks me out.  I get that priests are human and humans have sexual urges like every other animal, but part of being a priest is overcoming them.  Maybe I am the only person surprised by this.

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