Cherrie’s Delights

I miss writing. I had a blog for two depressed and lonely years that – while never super popular – served as my creative outlet. It kept me from going over the deep end. I was reading it today like I am wont to do sometimes to remind myself. Today I was struck by the eloquence of some of my words. The more melancholy the post, the better it was written. For some reason, however, I had hidden those gems away in the draft folder. It was as if pieces of my heart were scattered around those virtual pages. For me, the times I show my heart are the times I am easiest to hurt. Better to not even present the opportunity.

As I read my old blog, I couldn’t remember why I had chosen to stop writing. It saddened me that my talent was going to waste. That was when I decided to start a new blog and I was determined to write in it. Considering New Year’s is coming up, what better time to make new commitments to myself.

I decided I would be a sex blogger this time around. After all, the posts that got me most of my readers on the old blog were the ones where I talked about my sex life. At various points in my life, I have been a very randy girl. When I was younger, I was maligned by people who were jealous that someone like me got laid when they couldn’t and chased after and hounded by people who thought it would be easy to get me into bed. Now, the only person whose opinion matters is my husband and he thinks he has won the lottery because not only did we not stop having sex as soon the marriage license was filed, our sex life just keeps getting better. So I get to be the little slut I am at heart and it doesn’t even bother me that it is with one man forever. Fucking him is like wearing a well broken in pair of jeans: he fits me in all the right places.

So, I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I’m going to enjoy writing it. All my friends think I tell great stories.

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